Art of Northwest New Guinea: From Geelvink Bay, Humboldt Bay, and Lake Sentani

Published by Rizzoli, New York 1992


Some 200 outstanding objects of ritual and daily use are illustrated to demonstrate the aesthetic sensibilities of the nonliterate peoples of this region. Following an earlier study of art from Papua New Guinea’s Sepik River (Edition Greub, 1985), this book brings full circle Greub’s treatment of New Guinea.


Editor: Suzanne Greub


Contributing authors: Elizabeth Cowling, Suzanne Greub,Jac Hoogerbrugge, Christian Kaufmann, Simon Kooijman, Theodoor P. van Baaren,  Philippe Peltier, Dirk A. M. Smidt, David A. P. van Duuren


English edition, 224 pages with 106 colour and 141 b/w illustrations, hardcover 23,5 x 31,5 cm, ISBN 0-8478-1295-2